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Konnektif Ltd. is founded after 20 years of experience of its founder within the IT sector, in the fields of custom / off-the-shelf software development, consultancy, training and other IT related services. 

We believe in the power of knowledge and value of collaboration. We also believe that each problem has its own characteristics, and because of that, need unique solutions. Therefore, we do not have “template” recipes. On the contrary, we seek for creative solutions to complex problems by connecting minds from different disciplines. This is why our name is Konnektif.

Clients & Services

With our team of professionals mastering different fields of expertise, we have been providing with a large variety of solutions (from custom software development to consultancy and training) to clients such as:

  • Government institutions (Ministries, Regional Development Agencies, Governor’s Offices etc.)

  • Private Companies

  • International Organizations

  • Universities

  • NGOs

News & Publications

konnektif bilişim danışmanlık


We have just completed the infrastructure of our digital media signing algorithm. Get ready for a big surprise...


We had a B2B trip to the United States of America between 29.April-08.May, with Gazi-ICT Cluster. Busy schedule, including meetings with real professionals and visits to places where innovations flourish... 


We have successfully completed another project for the General Directorate of Foundations.

Their services are faster and more reliable than before. Click here to see the projects we have developed for the administration.


Konnektif joined Gazi-ICT Cluster

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