What we do...

Here are some topics we have been working on, and accumulating our know-how, experience and skills
Information and Communication Technologies
  • Custom & off-the-shelf Software Development

  • Systems Integration and Related Solutions

  • Smart Systems and Complex Algorithms

  • Decision Support and Management Information Systems Development

  • e-government Applications

  • Data Mining Services

  • Organizational ICT Managemtn (outsourcing)

  • ICT Systems Optimization and Maintenance

Consultancy Services
  • Current Systems Specification and Requirements Analysis

  • ICT Procurement Process Consultancy (Tender Document Preparation, Technical Bid Evaluation etc.)

  • Organizational ICT Policy and Strategy Development

  • ICT Department Structuring and Recruitment Process Management

  • Business Process and Productivity Analysis

  • Organizational Structuring

  • Technology and Innovation Management

  • R&D Management

Regional & Sectoral Development
  • Building Regional Development Strategies

  • Building Innovation Policies and Strategies

  • Clusters and Networks

  • Industrial Transformation

  • Innovation in Public Sector

  • Strategy Analysis and Assessment

University-Industry Relations
  • Building Technoparks; Capacity Building and Assessment

  • Consultancy on Technology Transfer Process

  • Building Technology Transfer Offices, TTO Management, Development and Assessment

  • Innovation

  • Technology and Innovation Management

  • Technological Change and Organizational Structures

  • Entrepreneurship

  • R&D Management

  • Learning Organizations

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Human Resources

Environmental Technologies
  • Green IT

  • Eco-sensitive / Eco-Friendly Technological Solutions

  • And so on…